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Best HEIC converter for Windows

Get this HEIC converter application for your windows platform where you can convert images in the HEIC format into platform-independent image formats. This user-friendly windows application serves the conversion of images stored in HEIC format into BMP, PNG, TIFF, or JPG. You can use this application with ease and get your HEIC images converted into compressed quality formats.

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What the converter do for you

Helps you convert single or multiple HEIC images into required image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, etc. This application is well crafted for Windows 10 platform.

Efficient performance

You get converted images in no time with a single click. This Semivio HEIC converter software has the best algorithm for its lightning speed result.

Enhance picture quality

This software improves image quality with conversion. You get high definition images in a defined format that can be accessed on any platform easily.

Can operate offline

You don’t have to connect your system with the internet to use this software. It preserves your data to provide a safe and secure environment.

User friendly

You get easy to use interface for convenient conversion of HEIC images. It includes simple drag and drops operation without any complex procedures.

Organize images

You can save your images and organized them with the rename function of this HEIC converter software. You can create a photo collection with this all in one tool.

Batch conversion

This software application for windows can convert multiple HEIC images in a go. There is no limit of images for creating a batch. It saves your time you may invest in each image.

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Convert HEIC to JPG in batch

Drag your batch of image and drop in the software.

This HEIC software application for windows is designed to convert HEIC images into desired formats easily. It has a drag and drops feature that makes the conversion task easier for the user. It may take longer to convert HEIC images one by one. This application gives you a batch function where you can drag and drop the complete folder of your HEIC images in a single step. You can directly drop the complete folder and it will be converted in no time. This function saves a lot of time and effort when you have multiple HEIC images.

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Best windows HEIC converter application

Apply customized settings for the images

You can customize the output location of the converter images. Configure the settings to choose the desired format for the images. You get an option to keep or discard EXIF data of your original images. Click on the checkbox if you wish to preserve this EXIF metadata. Choose the quality of result images on the quality scale. You get the option to save converted image in the same source folder or select a customized folder for it. At the last, you can mention the output file name in the given text box.

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semivio heic converter
HEIC to JPG in batch

Quick quality conversion

Semivio HEIC converter has a batch function which lets you add multiple images at once. You can simply drag the whole folder of your HEIC images and drop them in the software. Apply settings for this batch as stated above and click on the convert button. You can see the status bar on your window showing the fast conversion of your complete batch of images. This software gives you high-quality images in PNG, JPG, BMP, etc. without consuming much time. This batch function thus saves your time and produce quality images converted in stated format.

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Convert HEIC to JPG, PNG

View completion log

Once you drop your images, applied settings, and clicked on the convert button, you can see your images processing at the fastest speed. When this conversion process gets over and all your images are converted into a given format successfully, a log will appear on your window. This process log gives details about the batch of the images processed in conversion. It specifies batch count and batch selected for conversion. You can also explore how many images are converted successfully and the number of images failed in the process.

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semivio heic converter view log

Just drag and drop your images and get the image conversion done at ease.

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