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Large Files Finder

Large Files Finder is a tool that you can use to search for large files on local or portable storage devices in order to identify the information that is consuming excessive amounts of disc space.

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What the Large Files Finder do

You may avoid wasting time manually looking for huge files by using Large Files Finder.

Save Disk Space

Music, pictures, and videos frequently use the most space. This Large Files Finder Locate huge files, and then clean the undesirable file from the device.

Advanced Filters

Filtering large files by extension, or file size. App can quickly give a very good idea of which files are taking up the biggest amount of space on your drive.

Chart Representation

It displays the information in the circular graph. The pie slices display the proportion of space occupied by files. At such point, a pie chart performs the best.

Can operate offline

To use this software, your computer does not need to be connected to the Internet. In order to create a safe and secure environment, it protects your data.

User friendly

You get easy to use interface for Large Files Finder to acquire a list of all large files by selecting file types that can be quickly eliminated with a single click.

Brilliantly Quick

The application is lightning-fast, requires no additional installation, and is immediately used after being downloaded. And by removing, you may quickly free up disc space.

Scan large files finder and clean
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Scan Locations

Choose the Scan Locations option from the left-hand menu. or scan a folder which is especially helpful because it just requires scanning one specific folder rather than the entire hard disc.

Choose which File Types the scan should check for on the right side. I had the option of selecting from among Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents, Archives, and Other.

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Scan Result

After the scan was finished, a new window with a list of the large files opened. It presents data from all large files in a table and illustrates file kinds in a pie chart. Press the Delete button in the bottom right after choosing the file you wish to delete.

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Clean Large File
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Delete Huge Files

Large Files Finder will help you to quickly identify the largest files that are taking up space on your Windows. And you may quickly free up disc space by deleting ones that aren't needed.

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